For Valentines Day

As Valentines Day draws near, I realize that I have never before been in a relationship with someone over Valentines Day... And so the question comes, what should I get my husband?

Do I borrow some of Hamlet's words

and make it into a loving card?

Do I make him a batch of cookies?

Or get even more crafty, and make this Bee My Valentine?

Or I should give him a card telling him how I love him?

There are many ideas out there, now I just have to figure out what to do.

What will you all be giving your special someone on Valentines Day?


Annie said...

No clue what to get Jimmy. But....I really like your new blog

Ana said...

I like your blog, i've found it from Color me Katie.
About Valentine's present... I like the cookies idea.
I don't have valentine this year, so i don't need to think about the gift!!

Sam and Livi said...

i love love love valentines day! i featured that love note on my blog as well.

Amber said...

I'm glad you were able to find a good solution for Valentine's Day! Those are good ideas :)