Added to my Treasure Chest

I have discovered many delightful little treasures on a few different blogs, and so I'll have to post them all on different occasions.

Everyday I think I will find new Treasures from Classy Covet, which is a newer blog on which she shows us things she covets, and makes us all wish we had money to burn. Like these, which can be found at Urban Outfitters. I didn't even know they sold home decor until I saw this!

She is also hosting a give-away, the winner of which will receive a pair of these classy earrings, made by Bold Minimalist

Also, today I found Appleseed Gifts which is a blog, and a store, all in one!
What caught my eye was her homemade jewelry, which is very reasonably priced.

This little treasure is one I'd like to purchase for myself. It's called "In My Heart." Perfect for Valentines day!

And, she has an awesome "Taking Flight" necklace that is being sold to benefit Jackie Stanley's Hope For a Cure research in lung cancer. How awesome is that?

I hope you enjoyed my first posted treasures!


Appleseed Gifts said...

Hey girl, Thanks for all your kind words! I'd be happy to feature you! I will post about your blog this week for sure. You are eligible to enter for the contest as it ends this Sat at 5pm and so far, you're the only contestant!! Thanks for becoming a follower! Be sure to grab my badge for you sidebar and let me know when you have one so I can put it on my link page. Congrats on your new blog...it look great!

Appleseed Gifts

Amber said...

Now what was that commandment about not coveting... and you go and find a blog that is specially designed to help you to do just that! Just kidding! Very cute stuff :) I hope you win the giveaway, I know how much you want to!