The Nursery is a Treasure

I realized I never posted my 10 month photo:
 Here it is!

And here are some photos of Sage's nursery. 
It is not as organized right now, and Sage doesn't sleep in the crib yet, but we do diaper changes on the dresser and I often nurse her in the rocking chair :-)
the window
See that cute ant stuffed animal? My sister Amber made that for us! Cute, huh? 
Michael loves ants :-)
 I got a little crafty and made this picture
I got the idea from pinterest
And that cute stuffed animal? Is from my sister Helena
Amber also made us a bunch of awesome vinyl

 Those monkeys and butterflies? All her!
 Our little diaper station!
I also did the "I am a child of God" photo, and Amber and I decorated these shelves
 More butterflies! 
they are throughout the room
 Another crafty moment
I hung her hair things from ribbon I attached to this little pink hanger
 More butterflies by her mobile
Her crib and mobile

Her awesome rug that my sister-in-law Annie gave us!
Her room is pretty small, as you can see. This shot is from the doorway. But we make it work :-)
 And I had to include an adorable picture of Sage!

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Nain said...

Cute nursery! And you look so adorable with that 10 month belly :-)