Sage will be an animal for Halloween 2012, and it will be a Treasure

It will be Sage's first Halloween!
You all know how much I love Halloween :-)
I started thinking about it months ago, and trying to get ideas as to what we all could wear: I wanted our costumes to have a theme together. 
Anytime Costumes is letting me review a baby costume, and I am so excited for the opportunity!
I went to their website and I started to look and get inspiration. Their website is very easy to navigate, they have great prices, they carry every costume I could think to look for and their customer service responds quickly to inquiries. 
There are so many ideas out there! I was drawn to the animal costumes for Sage, and let me tell you, Anytime Costumes has all kinds of animal costumes! It was hard to choose, they are all so cute! I'm excited for when Sage starts to discover animals as she gets older. It will be fun :)
After much contemplation I chose one of their little monkey costumes, because it was adorable and I call Sage my little monkey sometimes. 
At first I debated with myself about which size to get, because the newborn size says it is for 7-16lbs, and she's over 10 lbs now... I'm glad I decided on the newborn size though because it's a wee bit big on her. I feel like it will fit her for months! 

But that doesn't bother me, it is adorably loose
 The little booties have elastic which is nice and will help them to stay on her feet
 I love her face!
The little ears are so cute, aren't they? 
I'll add a little pink bow on Halloween so that everyone will know she's a girl
 The fabric is really soft! when I put her in the costume for these photos I didn't feel the need to put a onesie or anything underneath because the inside material feels like it will be soft on her skin too
 Diaper changes will be really easy too, as the jumpsuit has a snap closure on the bottom
The headpiece ties under her chin, and it didn't seem to bother her at all
 Here's one of her laying down, you can see the tail attached at the bum
And here's a shot of her on her tummy, so you can see the back!
On Halloween I probably will put a onesie underneath just to make sure her back stays warm, as there is a gap. But I don't think that will be a problem at all!
We are really pleased with the costume! 
She looks adorable, and comfortable, the costume arrived quickly and without any problems. 
She was such a trooper during the photoshoot!
I would definitely purchase from them for future costume needs!
Now we just have to decide if we want to be Tarzan and Jane with a little monkey, or jungle explorers with a little monkey. Any thoughts?


viewfromdownhere said...

Aw, so cute! Aubrey is going to be a little monkey too :-)

Larissa said...

She is so cute! You could also be a banana and she is the monkey (thats what I did when my daughter was younger and got lots of laughs!) Or you could be zoo keepers too (;

Chloe D said...

How cute!!!!
Sage is such a happy baby!