Living in the USofA is a Treasure

Happy 4th of July!
(Photo belongs to my friend, Kris Fryer)

I love America!
Well... I love what America was when it was founded, and I love what it is when the constitution is upheld. 
That's all I'll say about that right now.

Even though I see some scary things happening, I am glad that I live here.

And to celebrate the birth of this country, I love watching the fireworks! 

But this year Utah is so dry, and there are fires everywhere, there won't be as many. And they are banned in quite a few places! Michael and I are in an area where we can do some, but I don't think we'll buy any, I think we'll just watch what other people put out :-)

We are planning on going to Cries of Freedom, listening to one of Michael's good friends singing some original songs in the park, and then going to a BBQ.

What are you doing for the 4th?
Whatever it is, have fun celebrating the birth of this great country!

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