Nuts About Berries is a Treasure

I love Zupas. It's one of my favorite places to eat lunch (or dinner!) 
They have awesome food, but my favorite thing to get is the Nuts About Berries salad. It is awesome.

Well, Michael and I went to a dinner party Saturday night, and we were asked to bring the salad. So, Michael had the great idea of making the Nuts About Berries.

I looked online, found this recipe, and it turned out great!
I sweetened it with agave, and I used roasted walnuts because I wasn't able to find roasted almonds or roast my own. But it was still wonderful. 
Everyone seemed to like it.
Note: this is not a pic of my salad. 
I didn't remember to take a picture before it was too late

I'm starting to enjoy cooking more and more, which I know Michael is grateful for ;-)

What are some of your favorite recipes?

And as a side note: when you guys go to dinner parties, do you give the host/hostess a gift? And if so, what?


Nain said...

YUM! Sounds delicious! I love berries in my salad. When we usually go to a dinner party, a bottle of wine or something along those lines is what we bring. Or dessert, but only if asked :-)

Melissa said...

The salad looks delicious. I used to bring gifts but I don't often these days because most of my hostesses don't seem to want them.

I used to bring plants or flowers.