Costume Discounters is a Treasure

October is drawing ever closer which means that so is one of my favorite holidays...

I just love dressing up, don't you? The only problem I tend to have with Halloween costumes is that they always feel rather awkward and feeble. 
To me, Halloween costumes have always been something I would wear once, and then never again.

But, this year I've had the lucky opportunity of being contacted by the good people of Costume Discounters and so I know things will be different :-)

I had the chance to choose a costume to review, and let me tell you, it was a difficult decision. 
There was so much to choose from!

At first I was a little worried I wouldn't find anything I liked, and I was kind of skeptical about finding something for a better price than what I usually pay for my costume needs. As soon as I got to their website, I recognized how absurd my uncertainty was. 

I was most pleasantly surprised! 
From everything I looked at on their site (I looked at baby costumes, adult costumes, teen costumes, wigs and accessories) and as far as I can tell, their prices beat out everywhere else I've shopped.

Being 5ft tall I checked out their handy size charts to find out what size costume would work best, luckily for me I could shop in the teen costumes section! Don't worry, they have amazing costumes for all ages, I know because I looked around quite thoroughly ;-). 

Their site was very easy to navigate, they have great customer service, they really have great prices and because of how nicely organized it is I was able to look through a large variety of popular themes, characters and time periods quite easily. 

I was drawn to the Alice in Wonderland costumes, because I loved the colors and characters.  
My favorite costume, and the one I was lucky enough to get, was the Mad Hatter Teen Costume!
Isn't is awesome?!
I have to say, it is even better in person. If that's possible.

The fabric is better than expected. 
Out of every store purchased costume I've ever had, it is the most comfortable, and sturdy. I can move around without feeling like it will come apart at the seems! It fits really well, and I don't have of my usual issues with costumes such as it being uncomfortable, having flimsy fabric, a shotty sewing job, being a poor fit and an unimaginative design.

So, without further ado, here is how it turned out
It didn't come with the leggings, I just thought they looked cute with it.
Because I'm the Mad Hatter, I just had to do this makeshift photo shoot with a tea cup!
I love that the jacket has coattails! 
When I initially read the description, I figured that the shoe covers would probably be an aspect that I couldn't count on to work out, because I had never had shoe covers work very well in the past, however these ones are really nice! So far, they've been working quite well for me.

I love how this costume came with so many little details that made it all the better. 
The little glovelettes, the boot covers, the hat, the neckerchief... All of it just really makes the outfit!
 Also, I want to wear this skirt around as part of my everyday apparel ;-)
It's too cute.

I am loving all of the colors together!
This is the most comfortable Halloween costume from a store that I've ever had the pleasure of wearing! 
 Aren't the coattails awesome!
 I will definitely be wearing this costume as much as possible during this Halloween season, and in years to come.

And I will, without a doubt, purchase from Costume Discounters in the future.
Not only do I love this costume, as well as many others that I want to purchase, but their prices are simply unbeatable. AND they made me feel like I was an important customer whom they would be happy to assist with any questions or concerns.

So if you're looking for a great Halloween costume for an amazing price,check out Costume Discounters

 I received the Ma Hatter Teen Costume from Costume Discounters in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my own personal experiences with this item, and it is completely honest and objective.


Nain said...

Oh wow...Halloween...hard to think that far ahead :-)

Cute cute costume!

Melissa said...

What an adorable costume - how fun for you to have the opportunity to do a review!! :)