This Song is a Treasure

If you have ever dealt with addiction, or know someone who has, you should watch this video.

It was written and performed by my sister in-law Mia, as well as my hubby Michael.
It is so powerful.

Michael made the video for it, and he worked so hard on picking pictures that could symbolize the lyrics as well as the message they are trying to get across.

I think you should all watch it to the end! and pass it on to your loved ones.

They have many wonderful songs that help take people through the steps of addiction and overcoming it. They have a cd out called Project Heal (available on iTunes and cdbaby), and are hoping to make another one soon.

ps. Sorry for my lack of blogging last week!
Small Treasure Tuesdays will be back tomorrow :-)
I'm sharing this at Nain's meme because I'm motivated to spread this video to everyone; because I think everyone can benefit from it in one way or another :)
Motivation Monday

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