Wearing All Green is a Treasure

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!! I have always had a special place in my heart for this holiday. There's just something nice about seeing everyone wear your favorite color ;-)

I told Michael he needed to wear all green today, like me. However, as much as I'm sure he wanted to, we were lucky to even find a green shirt for him. Maybe next year I'll make him wear ALL green with me :-D

My dad is 3/4 Irish, so I have quite a bit of Irish blood in me. AND I not only have a very pale complexion, I also dyed my hair red! (really it was for my friends wedding, but I like to tell people it was so I'd look more Irish.)

I love to get all dolled up for St. Patty's day, but the last few years have been rocky between us. I've been feeling kind of sick today, my tummy has been hurting all day, and I thought I was going to "toss my cookies" earlier. However, I guess this is a step up from last year, last year I was very sick (it came on suddenly on St. Patty's day, and left soon after). I threw up 10 times that day...

I have high hopes though that next year I will be even healthier on this wondrous day of green! Really, it's probably just a test of my faith in the holiday. Or, the fates are trying to get me to change my favorite color. One or the other.

Please ignore the fact that this is not a good picture of me. Like I said, I've been feeling sick today.

This is me, after work. Yes, I went to work like this. Green stockings, pants, tank top, shirt, bracelet(not pictured) and earrings(also not pictured) green sweater (not pictured) green hair ties, and red hair! What can I say, I love wearing all green!
Sorry not everything was pictured, I just got home and wanted to change to my pj's. You're lucky I got a picture :-P

Last year I also had green shoes but I couldn't find them, and I had suspenders, but I didn't feel like wearing them... haha, maybe next year!

So, I went green today. Did you?

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Annie said...

I think you are sick from when you ate that leprechaun 4 years ago. It haunts you now.