Feeling Grateful is a Treasure

"Some days you’ll need a loaves and fishes miracle, other days it will be enough to see a flower in the crack of the sidewalk.” -Susie Larson
How great would it be if more people celebrated the small treasures mixed in with our ordinary? If we embrace the tiny moments that make up our everyday, if we take the time to notice the "flowers in the cracks," and the small miracles in our world; how much more happy and grateful would we be?

It isn't until air is taken from us that we realize how valuable it is, it is not until our water is taken from us that we realize it is more valuable than gold, it's not until our loved ones are gone that we realize how much we appreciated them, and it is not until we are in total darkness that we realize how much we rely on the light.

We don't remember these things to be sad, and to feel bad for those who don't have it, we remember it to show our gratitude to God. How often do you really pour out your heart to God in gratitude for the "little" things in our lives, the things that make our lives so much better?

To be spoiled means to take something for granted, and not to be grateful for it. We want to be weary of becoming like spoiled children, taking for granted the things that we have, always wanting more, and not appreciating what is given to us, and who it is given from.

 To experience a thankful heart, we have to first notice the gifts, and receive them as such. Celebrating the gifts in the midst of the ordinary.

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